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Hello from Italy with Mustang GT 4.6L

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hello, American horses!
I am here with you to help me in treating the car. here in italy there are no experts. :bigthumbsup

we feel soon :wavey​
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hahah hey we can call you "The Italian Stallion" lol welcome
welcome aboard!
Welcome!! I have family in Sicily!! Check out the other areas and you'll get lots of help!! :bigthumbsup
Welcome aboard the site. :bigthumbsup
Welcome to the forums!
thanks all :bigthumbsup
Welcome to the site from a fellow european :D :D :D
hello from italy :wavey
here... :bigthumbsup


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here... :bigthumbsup
Beautiful car! Very nice. :bigthumbsup
Welcome to the board...
if your car was an older model i would say that one of the best places to take your car would be to a shop on Samos island, Greece, but i don't know of anyone either that does newer stangs
ciao vecio!!benvenuto sul più serio forum sulle stang!
welcome to the forums bro. Any pics of the car posted yet?
One more week until I am officially in the Mustang Club of Italy!
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