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Hello from Nevada, New Owner of a 2015 Ruby Red GT

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A newbie to the forum, but not to Ford or the Mustang. 1st was a 1998 Silver GT 4.6, 2nd was my sons 2004 Crimson Red GT 4.6 and just yesterday, I took care of my midlife thingy :) and got me a 2015 Ruby Red 5.0 GT. Really loving it after only 24 hours made some errors during purchase maybe, hopefully I can get some of the in the know members to help me make this exactly what I want. I got as close as I could with what I could afford. Hope to make some Friends and eventually help others out too. Thanks, Chris / Flaps
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Welcome to the site Chris!
Welcome to AFM
Welcome from one newbie to another I reckon!

My actual first intro post apparently has to go through some approval process. Interesting.
Welcome to the site!!
Welcome! We would love to see some pics of your 2015!

If you ever need anything, such as the forum discount code, feel free to shoot me a PM!

In the mean time you are more than welcome to browse our site for all your mustang parts needs! 2015 Mustang Parts & Accessories at
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