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Hello everyone,

Last week, to celebrate my 67th birthday, I sold my 6-speed manual Mini Cooper S and bought an automatic '07 v6 Deluxe Mustang. I was fed up with shifting and am loving the Mustang.
My car ownership history is as follows:
1. My family's new 1965 Olds F-85 (4 doors, 250 horsepower; a frequent winner in the stop-light-to-stoplight drags along the Long Island Expressway service road during my college years).
2. A hand-me-down 1969 Cutlass from my folks after college. I loved it but it was stolen.
3. First purchase on my own: a new 1977 Toyota Corolla automatic (it was cheap and so am I). If it wasn't for rust, I'm sure it would still be rolling along somewhere.
4. A new 1986 Ford Escort, which was great until it started overheating and the brake lights stopped working. Nobody could fix these problems.
5. In 1992, a certified pre-owned 1989 Acura Integra two-door coupe, which was a great car.
6. In 2001 I was all set to buy another Acura when one of my childhood buddies decided to buy a Porsche Boxster and made his 1985 Porsche 944 available to help finance the Boxster. I bought the '44. It was a five speed manual and great fun to drive and shift. It was a weekend car because that was the only time I needed it, and I sold it for $1,000 more than it cost me (Let's not discuss the repair costs, though).
7. I retired in January 2010 and decided that I needed an everyday car and bought a CPO 2006 Audi A4. What a car! Wonderful! So good that last summer, when I decided that it was time for a sporty car, I gave the Audi to SWMBO.
8. In August 2013 I bought the Mini Cooper S and gradually became sick of shifting. Granted, my old left leg would become tired after a long siege in a traffic jam, but there was more; I often felt like I was driving a kiddie car and I had some doubts about its quality. Don't be offended if you own one of these little superb-handling roller skates. These were only my perceptions. Many owners can't get enough of their Mini.
9. Turning 67 the other week, I was all set to buy another Audi A4 when I decided that I was too young for an Audi and began to research automatic transmission cars that might be interesting to drive. Hence, the Mustang. I have been driving it constantly since I picked it up last Saturday, and it is a delight.

I have a question about the trim and will post it in the appropriate forum. In the meantime, I hope to be a member of this community in good standing.

Best regards.

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Welcome to AFM.

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Welcome to AFM!!!

I too have stories about interesting driving down the L-I-E but I'm not sure the statute of limitations has run out yet copcar2.gif
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