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Hello from NY,2002 Mustang GT

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Greetings from northern NY where unfortunatley I can only drive my car +/- six months a year. My name is Jason and I am a long time Ford guy (on my fourth Ford truck since turning 17) who only recently acquired a Mustang. I've been interested in cars for years and have owned a 1994 LT1 Trans Am for the last three years (sorry I know it's a GM but my father had a '79 T/A when he was in high school so I've always had a soft spot for them). I found my Mustang in March and handed over the T/A to my wife. My Mustang is a silver GT, 5 spd. The current performance-minded modifications are: Mac CAI, underdrive pulleys, Steeda Tri-Ax shifter, Bassani X-pipe, Flowmaster 40 series exhaust, subframe connectors, Ford Racing 4.10 gears, a Hypertech tune, and Goodyear F1 GS D3 tires. Appearance-wise it has a Saleen S351 front bumper cover and rear spoiler, the anthracite/gray Bullitt wheels, tinted windows, white gauge face insert, and a Raptor shift light. I can only take credit for the rear wing, shift light, and Hypertech as everything else was on the car when I purchased it. Future plans include shorty headers and a white Hurst Classic shift knob, most likely this list will get longer though :gringreen.

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Thanks, I'm pretty sure I will, especially when I have time to log on more than once a week :nogrinner.
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