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Hello from Southern Md!!!

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Hello All, my name is John. I own a 2007 gt vert premium and a 73 Mach 1 with a 429 CJ And a c6 in it about 70% restored. Due to health issues I can't complete it and it'll be going up for sale in the spring, I will be selling the vert in the spring also as I had bought this car for my wife in 08. Well she got tired of it so I bought her a new explorer limited and as I'm not a big fan of verts its gotta go. I'll be be looking for 2011-2014 GT or maybe a 2015 with a 6 spd.
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Welcome to AFM I too am not a fan of verts had one in '94 and was my primary car at the time

I'd keep the MACH 1 tho you'd probably never find another one

Sorry to hear that you have health issues hope you keep your head high as I do Do to my C/P
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