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Hello from Texas,1990 Mustang LX

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Hello all. I am in North Texas and owner of a 1990 LX Convertible 5.0. I purchased it in December of 1998 with 67,000 miles on it and it now has 97,000. When I first got it I put a new top on it. I had an alarm system installed that turned out to have a faulty brain ... which they did not figure out until after they had me replace the battery and alternator because it kept draining my battery overnight. Other than that it's pretty much original. (other than maintance things like plugs, tires etc.)

I parked it for 2 years and got it out again recently, stuck a battery in and cranked it over like it was started yesterday.

I am having the AC converted thursday and will probably need to replace the radiator (pin leak).

I joined the forum for guidance and suggestions from people who own pony cars. Sometimes I have found that what the local mechanics suggest isn't in my or my cars best interest (see alarm incident above).

I look forward to reading more and learning more about the details of my Mustang. This is my fist Ford and I have to say I have been pleased with it, up until it I was a die hard chevy fan.
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Welcome! You'll enjoy the community here, LOTS of help, especially in the Tech forums.

Hook 'em!
:wavey Enjoy the site!! :myhappydance: :happydancer:​
Welcome to the site. I also live in N Dallas.
Candy welcome to AFM:bigthumbsup
Thank you all for the welcome!
Hiya, welcome to the site.
:waveyWelcome to the site:wavey
Welcome to AFM!
Hey... Hi.... Howdy...Welcome to the site!! :gringreen
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