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Hello to everyone.

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Hi all I am new to the site and wanted to introduc myself. My name is Peter, I am a US Marine, I am 22 years old and live in North Carolina. I just got my first Mustang and I am loving it. it is a wonderful car. I have some question about certain things I hope you guys can help me out. Well i hope to make some good friends. hane a good all.
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Hiya, welcome to the site. Cool, another NC'er.

Hi Peter, Welcome to All Ford Mustangs! Glad you joined our mustang community :yup: You will find lots of friendly and helpful members here. What year is your mustang? Hope you will post pictures in your gallery of your mustang when you get a chance.

If you have a question just ask, someone here will have an answer.

Welcome aboard and enjoy the Forums!
Peter welcome to the site thanks for joining us.
Welcome to AFM... Glad you joined us!!
welcome to the site,enjoy!!!!
:hello: and :welcome , Enjoy the site!! :happydancer:
Be sure to post some pictures into your gallery soon!!

Hi Peter. I'm new here as well. I just purchased my first mustang. It's a 2008 pony coupe and I'm loving it!

Hey Peter,
I'm new here as well, and I am looking into buying my first mustang.
Thanks for your service!
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