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Hi all, and Happy Holidays and New Year. I just joined this week, I have been snooping around for somewhere to get good information about the newr Stangs. I bought mine in July after the Company I work for stuck it to us and took back our vehicles, though they did do me a big favor because now I am again an owner of one of the best cars ever made. I had a 69 many moons ago, and when I went to the dealer, which my younger brother sells for, and saw this car I bought it without even sitting in it. I have the Roush Stage 1, Windviel Blue, don't laugh, it is an automatic, but I drive it 110 miles a day back and forth. Price was really good, but then my brother would have suffered if he didn't get me into the Family plan for pricing :laughlitt.

I will probably have a zillion questions in the near future as I begin to do mods to this baby so be patient with me. I'm used to the older 60's - 70's type cars.

Nice meeting you all - Joe
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How do you like the retro look? Do you think it comparable to your 69? I could also kick myself for letting go of my 66 vert. I am living a new dream with the 05 though.

I hope this new retro look takes you back a little to the old days.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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