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ok, so not the best tittle, but im new.:bigthumbsup

the story: i had a 1986 mustang v6 coupe lx, i got t-boned then i bought a 1985 mustang gt with the carborated 5.0 and kept the 1986,long story short, my 1985 caught fire in the engine compartment while i was driving(fuel problem). I'm rebuilding and going 347 with a fresh block. all the wires and rubber was burnt up.

Question: Since i still have all the wiring from the 1986, i need to know if i can use the starter,ignition and charging wires on my 1985? if so what wires do i absolutely need, and can someone help me with wiring schematics for both cars to so that i may cross ref.? The only thing wanting to do is start the car,charge the battery and wire up an msd system.

all help is much aprettiated
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