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Help-can someone help me identify

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Hi-i was wondering if someone can help me identify an engine. I believe it is a 302..i need to know what year or model. more importantly the year..

i have a vibration problem im trying to fix in a 66 mustang. i believe it may be harmonic balance/ flexplate balance differences to the engine.

Problem is i dont know year of engine or what it came out of to see if this is my problem..

I need help guys,really bad..any advise???

here is the only # i got off the engine F302210P

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look near the starter on the block, you may have to take the starter out...the year of the block should be cast there.

where did you get that # above? If it's the right # then "f" would indicate 1990 and "3" would indicate 1993, so it's a 93 block, IF that's the right #...if that's the case you'll want a 50 oz balancer up front and 50 oz flexplate/flywheel
thanks jeremy-

does the flexplate and HB have the oz listed on them,or do i have to look up the part number/ cast number of the two when i take them off?
thanks-im a rookie,this is new to me.

if you have the original timing chain cover to the engine it should have the year cast into it on the lower right side below or underneath the water pump. i have 4 sbf engines from 76-93 and they all have it . but this the build year i guess because all mine are 1 year newer than it says . so if it says its a 92 that means its a 93 etc. etc.
depends on if it's OEM or not...oem parts usually have a part # stamped on them, and they pretty much always start off with the year...for example


then the next # is usually the year. e6 would be 1986 etc.....

that's what you're looking for. The later style fox mustang balancers look different than the vintage ones too. If the balancer is aftermarket, it should have a part # on it for that company, or you can go to the web site and ID it by picture.

another way to tell if it's a late model motor is they came with a timing point on the pass side ......if it's been converted back to original style, that's probably gone by now
ok-thanks guys

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