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Help choosing Rear Anti-Sway Bar

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1968 Mustang, 8" standard leaf spring, Dual exhaust, nothing out of the norm that would be in the way...
I can't seem to find any images on google to reference types and fitment. They are so obscure... Not looking for over kill, just a standard rear anti-sway to help with understeer a little. Seems that are lot out there. My biggest concern is just finding one that will fit, not hit or bind anything up.

pics, brand... suggestions.. help me out please!:|
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Ok, given mine is a 1st gen mustang, I run a 1" front and a 5/8"s rear. Handling is very very good when it comes to "twisties. No oversteer tendencies. This combined with the classic shelby drop and gas filled shocks, makes it handle more neutral.
I set it up similar to the SCCA class "B" track cars.
BTW, the addition of a rear bar will shift tendencies toward oversteer, not the opposite. It's the balance (diameters) between front and rear bars that shift the tendencies from understeer to oversteer.
You might attend local auto-cross events and talk to the participants.
Good Luck
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