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help! clicking/ticking noise from engine

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Just wanted to know if anyone might knew what this sound is I'm hearing it increases with acceleration. Don't hear it much at speed. See if you know what I mean in the video below.

Watch "Clicking ticking?" on YouTube
Clicking ticking?:
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Yeah just coming from the drivers side. And I just got new headers put on with head gaskets and kinda when I noticed the noise I did hear that the hg bbk gives you didn't last but damn you think that quick?
Yeah I tried tightening them up. But that didn't take away the noise.
Well both are right as far as wire arching. Plug wire 4 needs to be replaced and I need a new header gasket to replace the crappy bbk one. I hope that's all it is. Thanks for all the info guys greatly appreciated.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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