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help! clicking/ticking noise from engine

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Just wanted to know if anyone might knew what this sound is I'm hearing it increases with acceleration. Don't hear it much at speed. See if you know what I mean in the video below.

Watch "Clicking ticking?" on YouTube
Clicking ticking?:
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Sounds like an exhaust leak. Possibly coming from your headers. Is it coming from one side of the engine? Hard to tell in the video. May be worth it to replace the header gasket.
Yeah just coming from the drivers side. And I just got new headers put on with head gaskets and kinda when I noticed the noise I did hear that the hg bbk gives you didn't last but damn you think that quick?

Check the header bolts. They are notorious for backing out, especially after they are first installed.
Yeah I tried tightening them up. But that didn't take away the noise.

Replace the gaskets. If that doesn't work then chances are you may have a warped header flange. Also want to check where the header bolts to the down pipe. Take a strip of paper and run it across the top of the header flange and it may tell you where the leak is coming from.
It sounds like you have a lot of things going on there.
You might have a slight header gasket leak but what I am
hearing mostly is valve train noise. What rockers are you running?.
If they are adjustable then I would consider going over them
again rechecking the valve lash.

I disagree. A valve tap is more of a consistent rhythm and has more of a tin can tapping sound. This sound from the video is more of the typical exhaust leak sound some call it sounding like a steam train. The "clicking" sound in the video is not a consistent rhythm. It skips and misses which valve taps do not. It's almost like listening to a Harley Davidson motorcycle exhaust at idle.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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