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HELP for 99 gt mustang

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Hi everyone. i want to but this 99 mustang gt 35 anniveraery limited edition. i had it checked out and the guy say the motor is great. he went and checked the oil and said it wasnt no oil. He said it wasnt a good sign. He looked onder the bottom and said it was wet under there. Hesaid the oil pan gasket needed changing and the car should be fine. The owner wanted 5000 for it and said he would get it fix for me if i want the car. Do you think this is a good buy. The car has 150000 miles on it. Body is in perfect condition inside and out. I just dont want to buy a car and the motor go out. Also when you start it up it made a rattle or knocking noise. But the guy that checked the car out said it was probably bc it was low on oil. But the second time after cutting it off and starting up when he finished checking it i didnt hear that noise. I also heard a winding sound when u press gas while driving. Someone told me mustangs are rear end cars and that they make a noise you can hear from the back . Please give advice asap thank you. :wavey
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I wouldn't buy it, there's too many little details wrong with it and for the price and miles not worth it.
Thank you I was really thinking about getting if but a what if was still lingering in my mind about it.
Car sounds nearly beat to death. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!
thanks you guys are great
hell no!

keep looking. i dont think that car has very much life left in it.
The rattle / knock is prob from having low to no oil...

But think about it, would you really buy a car from someone dumb enough to start it up with low to no oil?
your sooo right im not a car fanatic so i like to research alot before i choose im gonna keep looking. one will eventually fall my way.
thanks i just wanted to get an opinion from a place like this that correlates to the car i wanted to get.
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