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Help: I have Spark plug wires questions....also Radiator w/fan question?

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Hi all,

Just installed JBA headers on my 67' mustang w/ 302.
The spark plug wires i have on it are straight 180 degree at the spark plug end and 90degree at the distributor.

What is happening is that the boot is burning up against the header.
I need to find a set of wires that have 90degree boots at both ends so that it will clear the header and not touch the pipe.

The problem is where i live the local auto parts store is not helpful or knowledgeable at all.

So i'm trying to decide/find an exact part number that i can go in and order.

Couple questions i have:
1. do i go 8mm, 8.5mm, or 9mm?
2. how do i determine what type of connection at the distributor i have male or female?
3. I've read that making the custom length wires do not last as long is this true?
4. I've read that Ford racing wires are better than msd when i comes to the ford application, is this true?

Regarding Radiator anyone know a good radiator w/fan combo.
My radiator is toast and my dad was saying i should go with a fan on the radiator so as to take the fan off the engine.

Lastly I'm located in victoria, b.c canada and so awesome places like Summit we do not have.
We have Lordco=crap service.

any help would be great.
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As others have said, most fords use 45 degree wires at the spark plug, but if this won't work in your application then you'll need to get a set of 90 degree wires. As long as they fit then they will work.

1. Originals were 7mm. Supposedly 8mm+ wires are more insulated and therefore carry a "better" spark. As long as yours are at least 7mm you'll be fine.

2. Take off a plug from the distributor. If the distributor cap has holes, its female. If the cap has pieces that stick out, its male. The ends of the wires will match up to the cap. If your dizzy cap has holes (female) then the spark plug wires will have male ends to fit into the holes.

3. as long as they are properly crimped, they are just as good as manufactured ones

4. no idea about this. I'm using 8mm petronix at the moment
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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