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Help Identify This Mustang

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I was walking around the amazing salvage yard in my town and I found this Mustang that I would like help identifying. I have read so many different things online about Mustang VIN's I don't know what to believe.
There is no VIN around the dash, and the stickers on the door jam are long gone. I did find some numbers under the driver side fender *0F112053* I have attached some pictures. Thanks for all the help in advance.


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Welcome to the site! I can tell you it's a 1969 fastback but thats all I can offer.
It seems to be missing a few numbers/letters... there should be 11.
From right to left
-First character: year (0 would be 70 but I agree it is a 69)
-Second character: assembly plant (F is Dearborn, MI)
-3rd two characters: body style (no code for 11)
-4th character: engine code in letter( no letter here)
-last 6 letters: the order in which the car was built( unique to each car)

Perhaps I?m reading this wrong. If the first three letters are missing then F would be the engine code for 302 2v. And that would mean that it is not a Mach 1

I have a 69 but the sheet metal was missing here. For a definitive answer you can get a Kevin Marti Report. They charge for the service but I think it is like 25 bucks or so for a standard report.
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I'm not sure, but I think 69 may be the year they went to stamping it on a plate on the dash instead of on the driver's side fender/engine compartment steel.

I know in '67 and 68, they still stamped it on the engine compartment steel just under the passenger fender too - a hidden verification trick - but you'd have to pull the fender to see that one obviously. The last place to look would be the door tag on the driver's side. There should be a plate there with all the information you want, there on the edge of the door when you open it. Of course, maybe someone pulled it off or drilled out the rivets.

Not sure what the number you found on the fender means, but it's probably not the VIN.
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Thanks for the help everyone. I will probly get a Marti Report cause hey you never know
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