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help improving rear traction

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Hi Guys
I have a 2001 mustang GT with a Kennebell 6# boost non inter-cooled supercharger, 3.73 gears in the rear, 5 speed manual transmission, Steeda Tri-Ax shifter,Steeda cat back exhaust. I'm upgrading to the inter-cooled setup with 9# boost and was wondering what to do to help traction. Are lower control arms the way to go? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank You

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traction issues

A quick, easy, and cheap fix for this would be a battery relocation kit to the trunk. May not give you as much of a difference as you want but will help.
LCA's would help out quite a bit. Are your tires sticky in any way or more along the lines of winter tires? lol
sticky tires

Thank you cmaurer1 and jamesconnors for you fast reply. as far as my tires they are good year p245-45zr17 gatorbacks don't know how sticky they are supposed to be but at my present 6# boost
they break loose and fish tail during wot in 1st 2nd 3rd and want to eliminate that as much as possible when I go to 9# boost. like everyone else I'm looking for good straight line launch, and best 1/4 mile times.

Thank you

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here is your answer:
you can throw ALL the suspension tricks in the book at that car and it's not going to hook-up those "short-sidewall" gatorbacks, esp a stick car wth the amount of HP your making.
bottom line is this, you'll need some "stickie" tires for that, ones wth some sidewall in a 50 or 60 series, like the drag radial tires from BFG, M/T or Nitto or FULL SLICKS....
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Slicks is the best way, I like Mikey Tompson or BFG's, and for suspension get subframe connectors and lca's. I havce the same traction problems as well and am looking into these mods shortly (almost done paying on blower lol). But you will love more boost, its very addicting.
some good drag radials, I noticed no gain with relocating the battery to the trunk. lower control arms a plus as well
also some wider tires in the back could help. could be pricey with new rims but it adds a mean look and will give you a bit more traction. also that would be a good time to invest in some slicks for the rear end.
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