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help!! key stuck! 2006 Mustang GT

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alright, the black plastic shift cover on my automatic was giving me problems sticking, so i popped everything open to realign it. then, i notice the gear button that's engaged by the lever isn't locked down anymore. now, i can't put my key into lock position... help!!
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Stuck Key

I know the Fusion/Focus has had simlar problems. One of my coworkers had her key stuck in the ignition of her Fusion. The problem was a plastic ring aroung button you push on the gear selector.

This platic ring had a broken tab and that wouldn't let the car's cpu register that the vehicle was in park. I had to remove the ring (it just popped out) and the the key released.

This may be the same problem. You can go to the Ford website and see if there's a recall. You'll need to enter the VIN #:

Recall Information - Ford
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no recalls but i'll check it. i think ive seen the thing ur talking about. i dont know wat placement its supposed to be in, but i think i got it workin the way u did -- for a couple minutes, then it kinda i guess went bak to where it was. now im still fiddlin with it...
I don't know if this will help, but I found a few manuals online:

thanks for the help, i actually figured it out. there was a piece that the shift lever link was supposed to hook onto, n it just came undone. hooked it back up n its workin fine now
Glad to hear you fixed it. It has to be a huge relief.
ooo it was. wen i was tryin to fix it it was making no sense until i noticed a small detail in the shifter.
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