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Help needed 68 steering column

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My steering column (non-tilt, non power) seems to have some friction in it. I have removed it twice, changed the bushings, etc. But it looks like the inner rod is not concentric with the outer tube and it rubs on the bushing (pls see picture). Besides the friction that I can feel, the steering wheel shudders when I make any abrupt movement with the car, like going over the curb or dropping the clutch.
I cannot see how to align the rod inside the tube. Please provide any ideas or help on how to do this. I have already moved it up and down as much as the bolts holding it to the dash allow to no avail.
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The diagram is not correct for a '68. 1968 was the first year for the collapsible column which is a tube inside a tube, but the tubes are not round, they are D shaped. They have nylon bushings to keep them centered in the main column, at least on of these may be damaged. This is going to take some good old mechanical inspection to find the real cause.
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