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help on installing a clutch quad from upr plz

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posted in another forum about a clutch quad to replace my stock one on my 89 mustang and i was able to pick one now any tips on installing it??? it is the....Triple Hook Quadrant & Cable with Double Lock Firewall Adjuster (82-04)Part Number: # 3004-A form upr anything will help because i have never atempted this nor know how to get it done...thanks!!
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Its not all that bad. I did mine over Thanksgiving.
First disconnect the clutch cable.
Then look up under the Dash above the gas pedal. You will see 2 funny looking white peices. There is clips holding then on there. Remove the clips and pop the peices off. I had a good selection of prybars. Becareful there is springs on them as well.

Once you get them off install the new one and clips. Use the middle hole for the Cable that is the best one.

I bought the kit with the adjuster,Quardrant, and Cable. The only thing I don't like is with the adjustable cable I can't fit the cover back on the side of the trans.

Also check out this site incase I missed something. quadrant/adjuster install
how do i go about removing the cable from the transmission?...thanks
Mine didn't have much pressure on it because it blew apart.

But in the past I used my Chain vise grips and went around the arm to the bellhousing. Then compressed and removed cable. If you have a ratchet strap you might be able to use that.
ok thanks ill order it and let ya know how it turns out
i recently did a quadrant on a 91 gt. workin under the dash can be a pain. to make your life easier take out the top section of the steering column. to do this there are 2 brackets under there that hold it on, take them off. then in the engine bay, near the fire wall, you will see a section where the shaft splits and is attached by a bolt, disconnect it here. take the steering wheel and shaft out as one unit, you will have to tug a little.
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