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Help on outdoor cover

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Anybody have a reccomedation on a quality outdoor cover??? I plan to give the pony a rest this winter and want a bood blanket for her...
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redfire GT said:
Anybody have a reccomedation on a quality outdoor cover??? I plan to give the pony a rest this winter and want a bood blanket for her...
My buddy owns this site. try these:

This is probably one of the best for cars, if you have the space:

These tend to be less expensive:

This is good if you are looking to save money:

Finally, give him a call. He said he has some newer items in (not on the website yet) that would be good for my car, but I don't really have the dough right now ;(

Last thing, most of these products are NOT like the cheap POS you see at COSCO. It's real galvi steel, not powder-coated crap. If you like what you see, send him an email to ask the weight of the overall product as delivered (give him sku/code and description), the thickness of the steel, the thickness of the cover fabric. This is strong stuff, and the "fabric" is actually made from very strong vinyl, like a circus tent. My experience (used to sell 'em and install 'em) with these was very good. A couple friends bought them and loved them.

Good luck.
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Thanks Drew but I was thinking more along the lines of a cover that rests on the car and not a shelter. Unfortunatley, I dont have the room or $$$ for something along those lines. I am looking to spend around $300 bucks.

Although I must admit it would be nice to have something like to protect my baby....
Redfire GT!

I've purchased covers since the early eighties from Beverly Hills Motoring Accessories, and the technology has improved greatly from the blue breathable cotton covers of yester year. I have catalogues that show a variety of covers from GRIOT'S GARAGE, AUTOSPORT, and I think the best, CALIFORNIA CAR COVERS...however,

I purchased the Ford Mustang OEM higher grade (there are two available) NOAH trademarked brand that is meant for all weather, and is technologically advanced to be very light and takes up a small space in the trunk. I was concerned with what covers may do to the finish ( swirl marks), but was advised that Ford would never sell something that was harmful or not compatible with the car's warranty. I believe the cover was 249.00 retail, and it has the pony emblem on the front, and the the word "Mustang" on the back tail light area with clear vinyl to reveal your plate.

Looks great and can lock to car.:cool:

Redfire GT, 5 spd, red leather, Gloss Black Bullitt wheels with chrome spinners, theft, IUP, shaker 500...ah heck, it's loaded.
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Thanks Bob. I will look into the Ford cover.
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