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Help Picking Tune Up Parts

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Hey guys, I'm about to do a tune up on my 1991 Mustang GT 5.0, which is all stock except for the K&N filter and rims, and I need some help picking out some parts. For spark plugs im getting the autolites w/ the copper tips, but for spark wires and cap/rotor i dont know which one to get. should i get ford racing wires (9mm)? do they fit perfectly because i read someone here that the wire from the distributor to the coil doesnt fit, is that true? for the cap and rotor should i go ford racing, msd, or this unnamed brand on on cj pony parts? the ford racing one is aluminum while the msd is copper it looks like. any suggestions and/or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanx guys.
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always try to get copper. and for wires i like to get make your own so you can cut to length.
make your own wires are nice because you can make them fit so much nicer, but for the hassle if your not worried about the looks go with motorcraft stuff, or autolite, i believe in using factory parts if you dont need to run expensive performance stuff, less headaches, but the choice is up to you, i like coppers on mine, and be sure to stay away from bosh junk.
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Im thinking about buying the taylor cap and rotor on 50resto because its copper. as for the wires im thinking about using ford racing wires because they are the cheapest ones and for sparkplugs im going to use autolite with copper. motorcraft is too expensive dont u think? i only use motorcraft for like the main components of the engine.
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For what your doing motorcraft and autolites are just fine. Don't forget your fuel filter:bigthumbsup:bigthumbsup
Thanx jraftb, cindy_sn95, and smurfstang! I will go buy the ford racing wires, ford racing cap and rotor (its the cheapest one even though its not copper but aluminum) and im going to get copper autolites. Sry for late reply, havent been on for a while.
hey if u can tell me how everything went. Im going to be doing a tune up before i install BBK shorties so everything is fresh.

I wanted to get those 9mm ford racing wires to so for sure tell me how those fit.

good luck! hope to see a post soon or PM =D

BTW: autolite spark plugs i hear are great i only get good reviews back from them.
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Yeah, make sure you get copper for a majority of the parts ( i didnt do my tune up yet) because i have read from many fellow stang members that out stangs alternator generates just enough power to power everything. You want as much conductivity as possible (copper is the best out of all thats offer) (plenum isn't good because of its conductivity its good because of its "durability," they have a longer life span) the plenum plugs are also overrated and overpriced (stay away from them)

As for my tune up im not sure when i will do it but hopefully soon. Im moving to Boston in a few weeks. Im wondering if i should tune up the entire car and let it sit there (my dad will drive it occasiaonlly and care for it) or if i should wait till im back next summer and tune it up then. input guys?

Also ironman, if u are going to buy the tune up parts, i recommend that you use 50resto instead of cjponyparts (im not working for any of these sites) but i did a cart to cart comparison and cjponyparts comes up as more expensive when u add everything up even though it has free shipping. also dont forget to get a new fuel filter :)
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