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Here is an event of the past year, trying to bring it alive for this year. I'm asking all bay stangers for ideas for this year to make it happen.

We should start to get ideas to get this going. What about 2 to 3 weeks from now? I read the last gallop and looked good.

Help spread the word and let's make it happen

Here's what I got from a search from last years event:

We will be leaving approximately at 11:00-11:30
The start point for this year's Gallop is on Ferry Pt on Alameda N.A.S.
1722 Ferry Pt Alameda, CA 94501-7591 (for Map questing purposes)

I chose this place for three reasons:
1)It's a beautiful setting
2)It's easy to get to the freeway
3)We'll go through a long tunnel to get to the freeway

From there we'll go north on 880 towards San Francisco
Through the toll plaza. I'm thinking if we all stay in the 2 or 3 right lanes (even if you have fast track) it'll be best.

Down 101 to the 1st Dumbarton Bridge exit
We'll stop on the Frontage road for about 15 minutes for every one to bunch back up.

Across the Dumbarton Bridge 3 across and as many deep as we can.
South on 880 to Auto Mall Parkway. We'll stop here for lunch for about an hour. The location will have many fast food eateries.

From there we'll take Mission Blvd through the canyon up to Sunol to meet back up to 680.

From there up 680 to Danville for our Final meeting spot: "The BlackHawk Auto Museum" Admission will only be $5 per person. They will set aside parking for our club and provide 4 tour guides.

Last years event was an amazing sight to see and be a part of.

If anyone has those little radio's it'll make travelling so much easier.

As I get updates on exit names and times I will keep everyone posted on the first thread
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