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Baginoman said:
yaaaa u guys were totaly right. It says 32 front 32 rear. I dunno why it says cold though..heyyyy i might be 16 with a GT but im not a crzy driver lol. Average speed...20 lol yeaaa sry
BUt i try not to baby it all the time:winks I jus try to be careful...ya no how it goes!:kooky:

The factory psi settings are for cold tires. Tires will heat as you drive, especially
in the hot weather and will give false readings. Check your tires after your car
has been sitting a few hours and then again after running it for several miles and
you'll see what I mean. And always go with the factory recomentaions for even
tire ware, longer tire life, and better handling. :)

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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