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Help Please!

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Ok HERES THE DEAL just got my car about a week ago....had about 63 miles when i got it, and now has about 480. Ok my mpg is 12.1. Im finding most of the GT owners around here getting at least 14 mpg. I was thinking it was my tires. I checked and their psi was about 30-32....:?: SO i went to my local gas station and pumped them up to about 40 infront and 39 in back. Is this good..or should i lower the psi alittle? Could that of been my MPG issue???? thankyou!!:wavey
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No to premium unless you want to fatten Exxon's wallet.
I'm getting 24 mpg after 5000 miles highway(GT). You guys gotta get your foot out of it.
Remember it's a 305 cu in V8. It's gonna suck gas given the chance (big foot).
Slow down, no unnecessary launches, 65 etc....
Save the gas for the big one!
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