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Moses said:
I saw a major improvement in MPG when it started coming up on 1000 miles. My advice would be: 1)run the octane the car is tuned for; 2) set the tire pressure to what it calls for; 3) Eliminate the possibility it isn't running right (is it idling ok? Pinging? Detonation? etc) 4) Don't alter your driving habits/style 5)check the MPG again around 1000 miles.
Moses is right. My mileage REALLY sucked until 1000-1500 miles. I average 12 for a whole bunch of tanks of gas. Then all of a sudden I hit 14 and a few tankfuls after that I hit 15 and then the 16's were I've plateaued at 5k+ miles. I do 80%+ city driving.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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