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HELP! Thermostat gasket/ head gasket

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Starting from the beginning. I have a 2005 mustang v6 automatic that just hit 100k on the odometer. A couple months back I noticed a had a coolant leak and by the end of the week my car began to overheat. I took it into firestone and they diagnosed me with a faulty thermostat housing. At about 85k miles I did the replacement myself, I had a warranty part from autozone so i figured I'd just do it myself. In the past I was working with some older ratchets so the first thing I did was buy a new Husky set and they fit perfectly, taking a look at the housing it was already night and autozone was closed. I was anxious to try out my new rachets and possibly thought they just might be loose. There I go tightening the top bolts to the housing and the rachets work like a charm. The moment i feel like they're good enough I finish one last pull to get the rachet out AND I FREAKING CRACKED THE BOLT. I was pissed beyond disbelief and now I was forced to take it back to firestone the next day. So they rethread the hole, throw on a new housing and off I go after 700$! The next day i had a 20 mile drive to college and as I'm exiting the freeway ramp I see white smoke coming out from under my hood and my temp guage high, the housing had busted open! Firestone replaced the part again and 3 days after that it didn't blow open but i had a heavy leak. Again to firestone and long story short I was refunded for parts and labor and told that my car failed a block test and I had a blown head gasket which caused a high pressure build up and the first part to fail happened to be the housing. I've heard that blown head gaskets cause a mix in the oil and coolant or white smoke out the tailpipe and i dont think i have either of those symptoms. Is there really a possibility of a blown head gasket? What are other possibilities??? I plan on getting a second opinion real soon, what do you guys think?
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$700! I just had mine replaced at a good independent for $250.

It could be a blown headgasket as you stated the car over heated, but if you don't have coolent in the oil, I tend to doubt it. Ya, you need a better mechanic.
Stop using the plastic thermostat housings and get the aluminum one.
I just noticed you are in Phoenix. If you're on the north side, I use Armstrong Auto, 20th St just south of Bell..
Taking a look at their work they had to have messed up. When the hole was rethreaded they didn't use a helicoil and use the same size bolt. Their choice of bolt is atleast 2 sizes bigger and an extra inch longer. So they have to enlarge the hole on the housing and to make up for the length they piled up like 10 washers and added a nut to the bottom because theirs no threads to catch onto. So my next question is what does the lower housing bolt on to?
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