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Help to duplicate key + urgent request from Italy

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hello to everyone.
here's my first question to ask of you.
I have only one key.
how do I proceed to get another key working?
I have a mustang gt 2005 / 2006, the key has a chip inside?
the key must be programmed?
or take a key blank to be cut and work directly?

thanks to all.... :bigthumbsup
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It is my understanding that you teach the car to accept the keys. Not program the RFID chips within the keys. If you have two keys, you can get the car into the learn mode following the procedure in the owners Manual. Then show the car which keys to accept. Same for the Keyless entry system. With only one key the dealer has to put the car into the key learn mode. They must be able to do that by plugging into the PCM with special software is my guess. So the trick is to get the car's computer into the learn mode. Guess I need to get on eBay for a couple Keys and FOBS while I still have my two originals in my possission. ;) Sorry, I don't know of a trick to get the car into learn mode with only one key. I am sure Ford made it hard to do as a security feature. Good luck.
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