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help! what plug is this?

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Hi guys I'm just wondering what this plug is and what it's for and if anyone could tell me where the wires are supposed to go to thay would be great! All I know is that when I unplug it the car dies and won't restart until I plug it back in. There is a wire blk/ylw on one end of the plug and on the other side of the plug is blk/grn but that's where its cut! Also I have a wire that has no insulation it is just bare wire with tin foil? Around it and it goes up to my distributor but isn't hooked up would anyone happen to know where thay goes? Anyways here's the pics of the plug


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You might want to post a few more details, year and model will help a lot.
My car is an 86 mustang 5.0 a this plug is right beside the drivers fender. Pretty much right where the obd 1 plug is. I know one of the wires is black and green on one end of the plug but the other end is black and yellow. The other two wires are green with a stripe hard to tell what colour and the last wire looks to be yellow with a orange stripe? Sorry I haven't had the chance to trace the wires to figure out where it goes to and was just hoping someone could tell me what it controlled . I was thinking 02 sensors? Thanks guys
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