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HELP!!! Wheels and tires

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Hey guys please help me out if you can. I own a 66 Coupe that I just finished a disc brake 5-lug conversion on. I am planning on purchasing Cragar wheels - 15"x 7", bolt pattern 5x4.5 and backspacing of 4".

First question: Will these wheels fit my car?
If yes: What tire will fit better 220 50 R15 or 220 60 R15 or 215 50 R15?

Any help would be great!!! I'm anxious to get my car on the road again. Thanks again
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Hi 12B. My 65 stang oringally had 4 lug wheels, hub caps. I had it converted to 5 x lug 15" x 7", 5 x 4.5 bolt pattern Cragars and BF Goodrich T/A's. I didn't know at the time, but the wheel shop put in spacers on the front inside wheels. The rear end axle was from some other car and did not need spacers. I had 225 60 R15s. I should of put in 220's as Tim suggests in the previous post. In Australia, where I was driving my Stang for 3 years, I was informed that it is against the law to have spacers for their safety specs, so I got a hold of 68-69 Mustang slotted wheels. Last month I went to Coker tire and got the 1965 SS style wheels and BF Goodrich T/A's again. Anyway, I digress. Have you contacted Cragar directly or gone to their website? I have a pic with the Cragars on, but I haven't figured how to attach it to this reply. I loved those Cragars on my ride. They will look so cool on your Stang! Jetsetmantony
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