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Help with AOD Transmission

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Purchased a 302 engine and AOD from a wrecked 86 Cougar. My goal is to put the AOD in my 66 coupe. I read the how to's but have additional questions. I need a 164 tooth 28.2 oz. flex plate. The flex plate from the 302 is 164 tooth.

How do I tell it is a 28.2 oz or not.
Also there are two electrical plug-ins on the AOD(see picture). Are these the back up lights and the speedometer cable or does the AOD have an electric overdrive?

If it is the speedometer cable, how do I put the gear in it for my cable.

Any help will be appreciated.


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If it's the flexplate that came on the engine, it's a 50 ounce balance. B&M makes AOD flexplates in the 28 ounce balance and they usually cost around $50-$60.

No, the AOD has no electronics. The speedo is mechanical as well, you'll need the proper plastic gear to get the speedo correct.
The aode is the one that has the electronics to it.
hey im doing the c4-AOD swap too on a 68 302. any advice? can u tell me what parts I need. I think my fly wheel is the 164 tooth 28 oz, is it the one that I need mebey some one else thatsalready done the swap could walk me through the process.
One more question

Most of the info that I have came from the this site.
Ford Transmission Swap - Overdrive Transmission Upgrade - Mustang Monthly Magazine"

The one more question the I have is what is the second wire plug for? Is this backup lights?
from the research that i've done the only cables comming out of a early AOD are the speedo and the reverse lights, and thanks for the link
would I be able to reuse my 157tooth 28oz flywheel wheel with the AOD, what would happen if I did. i'd kinda like to be able to use my starter again.
AOD to 70 Speedo cable?

93 AOD to 70 Speedo cable?

The AOD VSS unit looks like the clip and o-ring are missing. Does anyone know the proper speedo cable for this application? Dorman 03175 perhaps?

I think if you take out the speedo signal generator out your 70 cable will go right in, unless you use some crazy gear it may even read correctly.
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