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Help with cams please

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I am interested in keeping a NA vehicle however i want to add more power. Can some one please lead me in the right direction as to what cams and if i will be satisfied. I have been looking at the stage 3 NA comp cams
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Personally I would give Brenspeed a call and talk to them. Here is an old video where they had installed stage 2 cams and they discussed that they were investigating stage 1 and stage 3 cams at that time. I don't think they are too far from you either.
I wouldn't do cams until I had done all the other boltons- intake, good headers (not cheap headers), dyno tune, good catback.

Even then, it would take a lot of persuading. Don't go chasing a peak dyno number (unless you just want a peak dyno number)- go for a solid torque curve in the rev range the car spends most of its time in
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Thank you both for the replies. I have currently an outlaw exhaust looking to complete my exhaust this spring with the headers and potential cat delete. I also have a boss 302 manifold i installed with CAI and bama tuner. any other info would be great thanks again!
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