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Help with Diablo Tuners?

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Hey guys im considering buying a used Diablo Tuner off CL,

I was told that if he returned his car to stock then it will work on my car...

I was wondering how a diablo tuner works, I know with SCT they give you 3 tunes adjusted with the mods on your car..

Is that how Diabo works also? Because someone told me there is 1 Tune that it comes with and you adjust it or something,

Any help will be appreciated!
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i found this video on how to use the diablo tuner. at first the guy talks alot though. but hope it helps you out...
Diablo Sport Predator Mustang Tuner - YouTube
Make sure that he does restore the factory tune back into his car, otherwise its useless as a tuning device.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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