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HELP with Magnaflow Catted X pipe

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I just bought and installed a Magnaflow catted X pipe today... I bought it used off Ebay for $175.00...A good price for this thing which retails for $630.00,,, Anyways..

I have Foed Racing shorty headers and I have a leak where the header and the down pipe meets... the pipe doesn't look bent or out of round......I was woundering that maybe it got streached out being on another car...Maybe I need to take it to a muffler shop and have it fixed...

Has anyone had this happend to you and how should I fix ?????

Any suggestions wouls be great!

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You might try rotating the flanges around. They bend which can leave some areas of the clamp surface with less clamping pressure. Rotating the flanges around a couple times and tightening can make the flare round and fit better. I also put some copper high heat rtv on the surfaces when I put it together for the final time.
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