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I could use some help and advice on the clutch conversion on my 67 coupe.

The ‘Stang has a 5.0 with a T-5 tranny from a 1980 Foxbody, and a 289 bell housing that were installed some time ago by the previous owner. He had a set of Hedman Hedders rigged with the original mechanical clutch linkage. He installed a King Cobra clutch, which is still in as well.

I have a set of Hedman Torx Step headers I’m going to put in, but the interference issues seem worse than with the old Hedmans. Hedman doesn’t know why, says they haven’t changed. Looking back, I can’t say for certain the headers I took off four years ago were Torx Step or not. They looked the same as the old ones at the time. But I’m starting to get old. If I don’t get this project done soon it might outlive me!

Anyway, I want to install a McLeod hydraulic throw out bearing. Good news is- they are almost ready with a package specific to the 67 Mustang. Bad news is- they told me today they won’t have it on the market until after November 2011.

So I have two options for the master cylinder end of the system; I can fab a mounting assembly with a pushrod and attach it to the clutch pedal arm to push the master cylinder, or I can fab a quadrant like the cable operated units and pull the master cylinder.

The factory says I just need to make sure I establish a 6:1 ratio of pedal to master cylinder movement.

Has any one done a conversion like this, or converted to a cable operated clutch?

Can I convert the 67 pedal to a cable quadrant?

Does the pushrod master require some sort of angled mounting plate?

And in a related matter, I need to refab the tranny cross member to allow the left side exhaust to clear it, and If there is any advice out there about THAT I could use it.
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