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Help with understanding Aeroforce interceptor

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I finally installed my aeroforce interceptor with the roush vent pod. Now I want to know what all the parameters mean. Mainly figuring out my A/F ratio. From what I read you figure it by the short term and long term bank. That the long term should be close to 0. After driving around a while it kinda sits around -3.1 and the short term bounces +-8 from 0.

Does anyone know if any books or sites that tell what the parameters should be? Knowledge is power and I want to know all I can about what my engine is doing but don't have the literature.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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You want the parameters listed in the picture below.

Untitled by jsnyng, on Flickr
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AHH yes thank you. I forgot to add those in the set-up. I scrolled through all the parameters and didn't see it, but after some messing I found it :p . At what A/F ratio should I worry about. My numbers are almost exactly the same as yours.
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