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Hello I need some advice, I am in the process of getting a 1997 Ford GT Mustang Burnt Orange. The guy that is selling it is wanting no less then 7500.00. Car has 71,000 miles on it, needs new belt, glass is scratched bad, paint is coming off the back bumper, and there are lots of cigarette burns on the interior. I think it would be a great car to fix up but I feel that he is asking too much due to the work that needs to be done on this. Does anyone feel that he is asking for a fair price?
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I just did NADA on my area code and it came out
Low Retail,Average Retail,High Retail

With all that is wrong I'd offer $6000 just to go low and wouldn't pay more than $7000 in the extreme case. Paint's expensive I think so I'd try to stay around 6. Offer 6 cash and if he doesn't take it, I'd say he's crazy.
My $.02
here is a little more info on the car. Tires are bald. seller states that he is asking this price because the car is rare, the paint makes the car rare. There were only 1500 of these done. Does that up the value of the car?
when it becomes an older collector or classic, yeah then it will matter more, but I wouldn't put too much monetary value in it with the car only being 8 model years old.
I spoke to a few friends in the used car and retail side and they said that the KBB trade-in is what most people go by. Most people have the same resources you do, and my friends said that market value is roughly the KBB/NADA trade-in value price. I am sure if you keep looking you will find a better deal. I have a OO' GT with 80K and KBB values me at $8100. I have a rare one that has overspray from my old bike. It's one of a kind. I should ask $50,000 for it. Hmmmmm. Hahaha :kooky:
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