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I have a 2000 v6. The car was originally brought in California and I bought in Georgia. I had to replace the engine and it was replaced. The problem is it is a v6 3.8 but it doesn't have the emissions crap from California. The engine light stays on and therefore it will not pass emissions. Ford told me at the dealership that there is nothing I can do. I don't want to junk the car, it runs great. I just can't get a tag for it here in Georgia. Any ideas????
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Welcome to AFM. Im going to move your thread over to the "V6 Talk" in the V6 Mustang Forums for the 79 04 model year.

I am absolutely clueless what GA emission requirements are so I am of no help in answering your question. If someone in the V6 Talk forum does not answer I recommend you re-post your question in the South East Regional forum.

Good Luck
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Hi eddiess,
Lets start with the basics. Some States (IDK about georgia) will simply fail your emissions for a check engine light.
An easy way to beat it
is to clear the codes by disconnecting your negative battery cable and reinstalling it. before driving into the inspection station.

Most Check engine lights require 4 ignition start and run cycles before it will blow a code and illuminate the Check engine light.
this may allow you to pass emissions.

However some more difficult states/regions will require that your codes be pulled. clearing your codes will also create a code: P1000 Emission Readiness cycles failed or incomplete. this will fail your emissions. until your computer has completed all the readiness cycles. in which time your original codes will come back.

The most difficult states will put an exhaust Gas analyzer in your tail pipe. (Much like a doctor checking a prostate). This will tell the inspector how effiecent your car is running and the amount of smog you are releasing into the atmosphere.

So what I need from you is your codes.

Either A: Take it to autozone, oreilly, or napa and have your codes pulled for free. (beware they will normally immediately attempt to sell you a part to fix your car. this is referred to as throwing parts at cars. you will rarely get lucky the first, second, or even fifth time.

Or B: take it to a mechanic and have them diagnose it, and pay the monkey his fee to fix your car.

The ford dealership telling you its a lost cause is untruthful and frankly its embarrassing. more than likely they just don't want to work on a car that is 15 years old, they like to work on brand new, or nearly new stuff.
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oh... or you can do another thing..... register it in a state that doesn't have emissions........
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