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heres my car guys check it out!

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here are a few pics of my car...couldnt get them to load into the gallery for some reason. Let me know what you guys think.


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Love your stang! :bigthumbsup I especially like the pony in the lower front end!
Awesome looking mustang man:bigthumbsup
i love the pony on the lower grille and the hidden fog lights
i would paint the horse black,and remove the white stripe.
maybe replace it with a matte black stripe?
nice job
Very nice sixxer! I'm a huge fan of the hidden fogs, I thought about doing that to mine once I had the funds to shell out, but, for now I'm stuck with the pony package front end.

You've got some great taste :bigthumbsup
That's a sick a** ride my friend! All you need now is some rims and you're set. :bigthumbsup
ya i def. wanna get black rims heres what i am torn between
TSW Alloy Wheels | The Nurburgring in gunmetal and matte bronze|
i would most likely get 19x10.5 in the rear and 19x9.5 in the front
Alloy Wheels by TSW - the Donington in gunmetal and matte black |
i would get 20x10 in the rear and 20x8.5 in the front
Stealth Black Foose Legend SS Wheels 20X10
I would get 20x10 in the back and 20x8.5 in the front
TSW Custom Alloy Wheels Car and Truck Configurator |
heres a wheel configurator to see what the tsw wheels would look like on my car.
what do you guys think?
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Your car is looking beast my friend!:bigthumbsup
Does having the grillin front affect your lighting?
you ever get that exhaust vid? jw
Yeah, let's hear it!
I'm sure everyone has said this but I really dig the pony on the lower grille. The black out thing like usual is cool and you have alot of stuff going I don't normally see. The Faux Gas cap is really friggin cool. All in all your car is a beast! Whats your exhaust set up?
Your car is looking beast my friend!:bigthumbsup
Does having the grillin front affect your lighting?
No it does not. My lights are so effin bright that I get flicked every night I drive them since I always drive with my fogs on too. I thought the head light tints would make a difference but having those HIDs in there made it turn out perfect!
ya guys I will get that clip tonight I promise! I actually haven't driven the car in a couple days. I haven't driven at all to be honest. I've been a lazy bum. But it needs gas and its time to refill my nos so I will get that clip up today hopefully. Expect it around 7!
FM06V6 my set up is a set of pacesetter long tube headers with no cats borla x pipes and borla mufflers
Looking forward to what those longtubes sound like feeding that Borla system with no cats.
2008 mustang v6 borla xpipe pacesetter headers no - YouTube
well my brother who doesn't drive didn't know how to rev it so he just pushed the peddle as fast as possible off and on so it kinda doesn't do it justice. But as promised here is my exhaust. I love it
2008 mustang v6 borla xpipes pacesetter headers - YouTube
now I just gotta get that rev limiter removed and we got a beast!
here is a v6 with just my borlas no headers
mustang 4.0 borla exhaust - YouTube
I don't like how it sounds in the high rpms. I know there are some people who have metal core race cats with your setup and it sounds more beastly, you should check them out. There are some YouTube vids of it , sorry but I'm using my phone or I would attach it.
Those black Foose rims would look "SICK" on your ride! :winks
it sounds pretty good.:bigthumbsup
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