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Hey everyone!

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Well, i am new to the whole car scene, but i have loved cars all my life, and especialy mustangs. When i was little my mom took me to a ford dealership and we went for a ride in one, i think that was back in 1995 or so, and ever since i have loved mustangs. So, now i'm 14, and i am thinking about saving up and learning more about mustangs. I am interested in the 60's mustangs, and i would hope to get one when i can save up enough money :eyepoppin Hoperfully by helping people with computers, as i'm kind of a tech guy, and doing other jobs.

Anyway, i'm hungry to learn more about these cars. :cool:
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this is one of the best places to be for carnal knowledge. Just ask a question and you SHOULD get a response.
Welcome to the site, theres plenty to learn here.
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