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hey guys. new to 4.6

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hey guys i have a 1990 ford 5.0 mustang and now i just bought a 2001 mustang gt but here is the thing it has a rod knock so i cant decide if i want to

rebuild the engine with everything i have

get a cobra enigine for it

get a regular gt motor and build up off like head cam and intake

what kinda good head are out there and also what are good cams that you guys use for the 4.6
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Welcome to the world of the modular V8. I used to work on them at a Lincoln-Mercury dealership, but that was all stock, no mods, so I don't know where to tell you to start with this other than to do a forum search in the 4.6 Tech forum, and maybe browse some parts sites like or and see what they offer in their catalogs (in fact, call the guys at either of those places, both have people on hand that know what they're talking about and are more than willing to help!)

I just jumped headfirst into the 4.6 world myself last month when I bought my 2010 (albeit the newer 3v engine with VVT, unlike your current 2v engine, but same family); so I'm like you, exploring a whole new world.
new to 4.6

thanks for the info i will be sure to contact them
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