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hey. im new to AFM. just got a 1989 Mustang LX

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hi, my name is Wes and i just perchased an 89 lx 2.3 and am looking at modifying it. if any one has any recommendations for motor mods please let me know. its got a completely stock engine and i was looking for some bolt on mods that do not require a complete rebuild or a whole lot of work.:scratchchin
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Welcome to AFM!

We have a 2.3 section that I'm sure can offer some sugestions just check it out!
Hiya, welcome to the site. Check the 2.3 sections, you'll get some ideas.
:welcome: Enjoy the site!! :happydancer:
Do post some pictures into your gallery soon!!
Welcome to the site,enjoy!!!!
Hi there Wes. Welcome to our site. Lots of stuff to check out.
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