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hey my new mustang

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So two days ago I bought a 1982 t-top mustang, the guy that sold it to me said that the driveTran is out of a 86 5.0l 5 speex, the mods that I know for sure are a 650 4 barrel carb, a upgraded fuel pump and full msd, the guy told me that it is a 306 with a 2030 thumpr cam, with 373 gears he also told me that it had stock heads on it. when I was driving I was getting really bad wheel hop and I my buddy was behind me and said that it saging bad on one side when I came on to it, I looked at the shocks and they looked almost bran new. So my questions are these cars bad for the wheel hop? And what would be a good way to fix that? And also I want to make this a street/strip car I wanted to get in to the high to mid 12s by the end of the summer, I already have a wet nitrous kit it maxed out at 125 shot but I need the block for the carb and I'm thinking that I'll get some drag radials, and so I'm wondering what you guys think and what I should do to get in to the 12s?
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Does the car have subframe connectors?
You can eliminate the quad shocks if you put a good set of upper control arms in place. Get with Sharad on here. He is with UPR and can probably hook you up with a set of upper and lower control arms. He could probably give you some really good advice as well.

Another option is to use the search box and find some good info on suspension setups.
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