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Hey new guy here, 1977 Mustang II

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I figured I wasn't a member of enough car sites already, so here I am. :D
I have a 1977 Mustang II coupe that I built from pieces. It's lightened, with a 530hp 332" stroker motor. It's of a foul temperment, but 100% street car nonetheless.
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Welcome to AFM! Glad to have ya!
Welcome, nice ride!
welcome to the site,enjoy!!!!
:hello: and :welcome: Enjoy the site!! :happydancer:
Do post some pictures into your gallery soon!!
Cool and welcome to the site. Come by and visit us often
Do post some pictures into your gallery soon!!
OK, I put a few pics in there.
Hiya, welcome to the site. Tell us more about it.
Well, this is an older "before" vid, with the old wheels/tires and hood:
I fire off some rubber at 8000 rpm in 2nd gear.
BURNOUT ; 1977 Mustang II, 2450 pounds, 530HP *al - Video

This is the "after" vid, 17" Cobra R wheels, 275/40s on the back, 245/45s on the front, and a 4" cowl hood I put together. I'm actually trying to launch the car here, so I'm at half throttle, it gets up to 85 in about 6 seconds. Not too shabby for street radials. It gets a bit quicker after 60, when I can put it to the floor without tire spin.
1977 Mustang II, 530hp *all motor - pump gas* 332 - Video

The car weighs 2550 lbs without me in it. (it was somewhat lighter before I put the bigger wheels, tires and front end bracing in place, gotta keep the car on a diet.)
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