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Hey New to forum and looking...

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Just joined and wanted to say hello. I'm just an old motorhead who can't ride Harley's anymore and due to get a knot of cash from it. Looking for a 2006-2010 Mustang GT to buy. Must be a v8 Manual trans, white with red racing stripes. Let me know what ya'll got. Really love this forum....Also looking for 89-90 Fox body GT fo the little woman. Fox body must be manual trans also..sorry no LX's.
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Welcome to AFM, enjoy the forums :bigthumbsup
Welcome to AFM! We don't allow buying and selling in the general forums but we have free classifieds you can use. Give them a glance and you might turn something up!

Stick around and enjoy the site!:bigthumbsup
Thanks for Joining AFM.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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