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Hi All.. New from Florida

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Just wanted to say hi to all. I am in the middle of looking for my first Mustang (2005-2009). I have been a vintage Mopar guy and Chevy guy for the most part, but getting older I decided to sell the Mopar and try a Mustang on for size.
I am sure I'll find a wealth of knowledge on the site and look forward to talking with everyone.
Thanks to all. Nice to be here.:grin:
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Welcome to the site!!
Welcome to AFM!
Ah... Spring Hill..!! Only a couple hours away. Good deal.
Thanks for the welcome.
Welcome to AFM
Welcome to AFM.
Welcome to the forums. I too, am a Mopar guy, who has added Fords to my stable. Check out my garages.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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