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Hey everyone! I just signed up because I bought my car a little over a year ago and have it running reliably and she is now a trustworthy pony. Since almost everything under the hood (minus the transmission) is new, I'm now taking the time to restore it and make it a pleasant and fun ride. I rebuild a 1963 baja bug in high school and it helps me out a bit, but when you start on a motor you can take out by yourself in 20 min, I'm going to need a little help on my dream car.

There are a few things I wanted to start on first:
tightening the steering
fix the shaking in the doors while driving
fixing the constant gas smell in the car
rust and bondo issues

I bought a few books on fixing little problems, but I was wondering if there was a service manual someone could suggest that is very specific on how to fix up, work on, assemble a 1970 mustang. The ones I have are very general and I can get the jist of it, but I wanted something a little more to the point. If anyone has any suggestions, please help me out! :D

Thanks everyone!!
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