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Hi from Germany

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Hi everyone..New from Germany. My name is Nate and I am from St. Louis, but work and live over here in Germany. I own a 1997 Mustang GT Vert. Not a whole lot of aftermarket parts done, but I do have Tokiko adjustables all the way around and a CAI..The attached pic is my stang at Bitburg in Sept when I took 1st place in Street brackets


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Bumper bash

I lived in Germany twice - both times before it was "Germany" again (West Germany then). I was stationed in Baumholder (near Kaiserslautern in southern Germany) in the early 70's.

I'd consider buying a new oem urethane bumper. Used bumpers are often pretty badly scraped and pitted, and the urethane tabs that bolt on to hold the sides often crack/break, and they're a problem to do without or replace.

If you want to go with a different look, Summit often has a good deal on a Cobra bumper kit, while Cervini has good quality merchandise (lousey customer service though, so beware). Whatever you do, avoid fiberglass bumpers - way too fragile.

If you go with an aftermarket bumper, be advised the urethane jobs usually come "uncured" and unprimered. The curing requires baking for a long while in a paint booth, and the primer job is a little unusual, in that you must use the proper primer for polyurethane (regular primer is a definite no-no).

Good luck!


nater said:
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