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Just wanted to introduce myself.

I have a 1968 Coupe with the 200 L6 and a 3 speed manual transmission. Its a rusty Michigan daily driver that had been sitting in a barn since 1982 when I got it in my junior year of high school (2001). Having only paid $300 for it though I can't really complain.

The car then sat in my parents barn where I tinkered with it on my summer vacations from college but didn't really make much progress on it. No that I am semi-settled down in Houston my Mustang is finally coming down here to get some much needed TLC.

My immediate goal is to get the car running and driving. The car is complete except for the carburetor and air cleaner and I believe the alternator harness has been 'borrowed'. The guy I bought it from made a living working on classic and antique Fords, Model T's up to 70's cars.

I'm excited to start work on it and can't wait to drive it for the first time!
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