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Hello from North Iowa! It has warmed to the low 20s so it is still not top-down weather--but it will be again. Our first Mustang was a rental we had for four days in Portland OR. V-6 convertible; we drove over 500 miles up and down the Columbia and south along the coast. Two weeks later we were the owners of a new 2005 Windveil Blue covertible of our own. That was replaced in 2013 with another we ordered from the factory: Kermit-the-Ford is Gotta-have-it-green, Mustang Club of America with comfort package V-6 convertible. Kermit now sits in the insurance company's salvage lot in Des Moines after having died much too young (38000 miles in 18 months) the victim of a Ford Explorer doing a U-turn into his side. This was December 14 and although the insurance company says we can replace it with an "equivalent" vehicle for $21K, that ain't so. For that you get a bare-bones coupe or you kick in a lot more. So...
It has been 8 weeks, Ford still does not have a production date scheduled for a new 2015, Competition Orange Eco-Boost convertible (performance package + 50th Anniversary trim).
Seems like a super long wait.


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ouch, sorry to hear, but the next ride hopefully will be worth it
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